I have had the pleasure of attending Pauline’s classes for over 15 years.

Her teaching style is very unique with very detailed and easy to follow instructions.

Her instructions are so precise that everybody in the class can get into the posture correctly.

She has now moved her classes online and because her instructions are so clear it is very easy to follow her class and get into the postures correctly at home.

I can not recommend her classes enough.

CLARE - May 2020

I joined Pauline’s online yoga class 6 weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and I find the weekly class highly beneficial.

She’s an excellent teacher, very clear on instructions and very helpful what to do if you can’t do the full range of a movement.

At 67, I’m interested in getting/staying limber and I do find the routines very good. I hadn’t realised, for example, my shoulders and back were quite stiff but now I know I try to move them more consciously.

I would thoroughly recommend her classes.

PAT - May 2020

I am a regular at Pauline’s weekly Yoga class.Once the Covid-19 restrictions forced the cancellation of all face-to-face classes Pauline quickly moved to delivering all her normal weekly classes online. The transition to online has been really smooth and the classes are just as effective. Pauline also supplemented with a weekly pre-recorded class which allowed me to start to build a daily yoga practice. I would highly recommend Pauline’s online classes. Pauline’s instructions are very clear and easy to follow and she pays close attention to making sure we follow the class in a safe and relaxed manner.

ANN - May 2020

You have made our lockdown here in Gran Canaria wonderful.  We are so lucky to have you lead us in our yoga practice.

When I practice my yoga I always hear your voice. ‘ Breath’ it’s so important.

Thank you Pauline

I always say to friends ‘ if you do nothing Do Yoga.

CAROL & BOYCE - May 2020

Pauline’s online yoga classes are terrific, she explains every position in detail so you always know that you’re doing the posture properly. Every class is different which is brilliant.

Although I miss the human interaction of attending classes, I am now accustomed to rolling out my yoga mat in my bedroom at 7.55 every Monday.  I look forward to that time!

I would highly recommend Pauline’s online yoga classes. I always feel relaxed and calm afterwards and her postures keep my body flexible.

GRÁINNE - May 2020

having attended classes with Pauline in Exhale for many years, I am delighted that Pauline, in the current restricted circumstances, has continued with the sessions online. They are excellent, the next best thing to attending the studio, and I look forward to participating in the online classes for the forseeable future.

NIALL - May 2020

Your class has always been medicine to Me but now is helping me even more.

Thank you!!

ALICIA - May 2020

Hi Pauline!

I didn’t have the chance to say bye as my last week got complicated with the international move.

I just want to say thank you for these years of incredible yoga classes and lovely atmosphere. I was always happy going there, it was my treat and my back and my health in general improved a lot thanks to you.

You are a super teacher! The best I had. In Madrid there are many places, but it’s not the same.

Big hug from sunny Spain.

Best wishes,


I have been attending Pauline’s class every Monday Evening now for 4 years and it is an essential kickstart to my week.

I love this class. I find its the only hour and half that I can really switch off all the chatter and busyness of everyday life.

Under Pauline’s seamless and intuitive instruction my mind and body become synchronised into one as we work through the exercises. Pauline is a wonderful teacher and knows exactly when and how to challenge us. One leaves the class feeling revived and rejuvenated.

I can’t imagine not having Yoga in my weekly schedule.


Pauline’s classes are excellent, I have tried many teachers in Ireland and Asia over the past 15 years but her teaching surpasses any experience so far.  Pauline’s classes are always in high demand and with good reason. She has a lot of loyal students.  After each class I feel significantly more open, grounded and calm. Whatever your Level Pauline will accommodate.  Thanks for all the great classes over the past 10yrs.


I practised Hatha yoga for a few years when living in the UK but when I moved back home to Dublin I struggled to find a similar style of class that wasn’t aimed solely at beginners. I forgot about yoga for a while but renewed my search after needing physiotherapy treatment for back and shoulder pain, which was when I came across Exhale. Turns out that a good stretch and some relaxation was all I really needed and after just a few weeks of Pauline’s classes I could already feel a difference in my flexibility and stress levels. That was almost 6 years ago and I still go to Pauline’s class every Tuesday evening. She really is an excellent teacher; no two classes are ever the same and her clear verbal instructions allow you to focus on getting the postures right instead of constantly having to look up to see what you are meant to be doing. She pushes each one of us to our individual limits but somehow manages to make us smile at the same time, and is always mindful of any injuries or niggles. I would recommend Pauline’s yoga classes to anyone at any level


I started going to Pauline’s Monday night yoga class six years ago initially to help rehabilitate a knee injury.  I regained full range of movement in my knee and six years later I still go to her class every week. And I look forward to it ever week.  In all that time Pauline has never given two classes the same.

Each class is so well planned and flows perfectly, presenting just the right amount of challenge, while still being enjoyable, feeling like you’ve really earned your wonderful relaxation phase at the end.  My flexibility has increased hugely and my Monday night sleeps after class are the best of the week!

Pauline is one of the best teachers I’ve come across – not just yoga – but just generally.  She knows all her students by name and knows all their niggles, treating each one with care, attention and respect. Her always upbeat, practical and positive approach makes her a pleasure to deal with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Pauline’s yoga classes.


I’ve been attending weekly yoga classes with Pauline in Exhale since July 2006. Pauline is a fantastic teacher, each class is challenging and rewarding. The yoga studio is clean and simple, and the small class numbers ensure individual attention. My class is on Monday evenings – the best possible start to my week!


I have been practising Yoga for about 10 years now with Pauline at Exhale.

She is a fantastic instructor and is excellent at  clearly describing the small adjustments that need to be made in order to perfect a pose. I have had numerous joint issues/injuries over the years – none Yoga related – and Pauline has always been able to accommodate my needs without compromising on the level of the class.

I have successfully practised yoga with Pauline right up to  a hip replacement and returned to class within 1 year. My orthopaedic surgeon was surprised by the level of flexibility my hip has returned to! I attribute this to Yoga and to the excellent instruction at Exhale.

Pauline has instilled a confidence in me that I know my own limits (and limitations) and can continue to fully participate and enjoy the class to the full. Pauline’s classes are sprinkled with a good dose of humour !! I highly recommend Yoga with Pauline.


I have been attending Pauline’s yoga class since 2006, travelling from far flung Sutton. Because she is an exceptionally good teacher. Her clear and specific step by step instruction in and out of poses helps me focus with ease, and brings me mental peace. The hour and a half class is rich and deep in breath work, stretching and relaxation. In every way I always feel better in myself afterwards.


I have been attending classes at Exhale Yoga studio for 8yrs+, and can see the benefits of a form of exercise which is good for body and mind that  I really enjoy and therefore have stuck with. The classes are quite small which allows for individual attention and everyone is of a similar ability. No two classes are ever the same and Pauline tailors the classes so that over time we progress with the postures we can achieve. I really enjoy my yoga at Exhale, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase their flexibility or for some ‘me’ time – or both – It works for me!