Exhale Yoga Dublin

Exhale Yoga has a new home!

Exhale Yoga Studio was set up in 2003, 20 years ago. The studio was based in the heart of Sandymount Village.

Due to COVID-19 and ongoing lockdowns the studio space had to  close. Pauline adapted quickly and moved from teaching live studio classes to teaching yoga classes online via Zoom. This worked really well during the pandemic. 

Online Classes are interactive and limited to 12 students. This is to ensure personal attention and instruction and to replicate the studio class experience as closely as possible.

Live classes have now returned on Wednesday evenings in Sandymount Community center. 

Due to the popularity and convenience of online she continues to run online yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pauline now uses a hybrid model of  both live and online classes.

Please go to either the Live Class Schedule or Online Class Schedule to find out more.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Yoga, Pilates and Meditation courses can be organised both online and in live group sessions.