Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness
Corporate Wellness
Corporate Yoga
Yoga helps relieve stress and allows employees time to destress before, during or after work. The classes will be challenging & energizing as well as rejuvenating. Each class unfolds both active and meditative postures to bring the body back into balance, clear the mind and settle the nervous system. The benefits of the class are to relax the body, improve the musculoskeletal fitness and flexibility, and elevate the spirit.
Corporate Pilates
Pilates focuses mainly on strengthening the core and improving posture, helping to develop long lean muscles. Sitting at the desk all day can encourage bad posture. Pilates counteracts this by developing core strength to protect the back and shoulders and allow the body to be carried with grace and poise.
Corporate Meditation
Meditation quietens the mind. Easier said than done but once mastered the art of meditation can bring  peace and quietness to even the busiest and most stressful workplace as the technique can be called on at will to quieten the mind. Meditations are guided and many different meditation techniques taught, as like everything else, there is no once size fits all.

What are the benefits of corporate wellness in the workplace?


The workplace is probably one of the most stressful places in our lives. Deadlines, meetings and the constant need to deliver all adding to that stress.

Many work places have wellness initiatives which include Yoga, Pilates, meditation and many other therapies to help relieve stressed employees. Yoga, Pilates and meditation can be delivered on site or online as part of any corporate wellness initiative.

Morning, lunchtime and post work classes are available. Employers benefit from corporate classes in that employees take less sick leave and are more productive during the working day. Employees benefit from on site or online classes which are convenient that they don’t have to rush away from work to get to and are easily accessible.

If you woud like more information or wish to book corporate Yoga, Pilates or meditation classes for your workplace, please contact Pauline at to discuss your requirements.




Corporate Wellness

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